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"When built a simple app for their WANT Button, we were excited to offer it in Shopify's App Store. The button gives our customers a new way to engage with their shoppers, even having the ability to influence them to return to make a purchase. There isn't a better way to express purchase intent than to say I WANT this product. Our store owners have had great success with the WANT Button and we're proud to have them as an App partner."

Harvey Finkelstein, Chief Platform Officer, Shopify

"Tommy Bahama is a lifestyle brand with a very passionate following. The WANT Button is great for our shoppers and for Tommy Bahama – our shoppers can easily and accurately express and share intent around our products, and we gain additional exposure on Facebook."

Lisa Atwood, Vice President of eCommerce, Tommy Bahama

"Pinterest is great for inspiration and we are definitely having fun with it. But WANT is also great because it is a buying expression, which hasn't really been available until now. It really isn't an either/or proposition for us, and shouldn't be for others. We have already seen a lot of sharing and exposure with the WANT button and Pin It, and look forward to leveraging both of those platforms to develop stronger relationships with our shoppers."

Barbara Marcoon, Marketing Manager CalicoCorners - Calico Home

"Never had such an easy integration in the past. Great functionality to know what customers WANT and took just 15 minutes to integrate."


"We have people coming to all day and all night. We have found that most of the internet world are window shoppers. They come, they look around, and since they are not necessarily ready to get out their credit card, they leave. The WANT Button is a great way to cater to those individuals who are browsing, but not yet ready to buy. It allows us the opportunity to go back to them at a later date, re-market, and follow the customer through the purchase lifecycle to ensure we get that conversion we wanted."


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